“We would have been completely lost without Shawn’s guidance.  I had a client that was not paying me for my work. Shawn handled the situation perfectly and not only was I compensated in full but he diffused the situation in a very professional manner.  I would not have been able to handle this on my own.  He gives great business advice and is extremely timely with responses and handling any questions. Thanks!”  J.O.

Resolving Business Disputes

Setting up the Right Contract, Business Negotiation, Business Contracts, Mediation Services, Commercial Landlord Tenant Dispute Resolution...


"Shawn is my attorney for 4 businesses including one that is international. He is precise, thorough, and is always looking out for my best interest. His follow through is impeccable and he goes the distance in making sure I understand the legal jargon. If you need someone to get the job done right the first time - contact him immediately. I depend on him fully for all of my legal issues”. D.L.

Business Attorney “I would highly recommend Shawn Jackson and his office. I was involved in a very stressful and possibly costly legal matter, that Mr. Jackson was able to assist me with. At all times I felt that he had my best interests at heart, taking away the stress and finding a positive outcome to a bad situation. He saw the light at the end of the tunnel and through the guidance of him/his office we were able to get there. Thank you”. M.G.

Step Three

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The Jackson Law Firm has the Expertise and Experience you require from your Legal Team...to Help you and Your Business Enjoy Peace & Prosperity...Now and For Many Years Ahead!

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Mr. Jackson is a highly accomplished and results oriented  Business Development Attorney with over thirty years of sales/business development and marketing experience. He consistently receives excellent responses and results.

His exceptional analytic, planning and organizational abilities coupled with excellent leadership, presentation and interpersonal skills and a dedicated work ethic creates an opportunity for businesses to grow and prosper.


His experience includes Legal Consulting and Transaction Business Development in California, the United States and International business development. His private practice includes business development and compliance issues for general corporations, close corporations and Limited Liability Companies. He has assisted multiple clients on legal formation, compliance and business structure, systemic development, strategic business growth and both National & International negotiations.

        Incorporation “C” Corps, “S” Corps & LLC’s, Partnerships, Joint Ventures, Start-Ups
        Transaction Business Law, Commercial Leases, Contracts, Buy-Sell Businesses 
        Contract Negotiation, Contract Disputes, Contract Amendments/Changes
        Copyright, Trademark, Trade Secrets, Intellectual Property, Independent Contractors
        Creditor/Debtor Resolution, Settlement Agreements, Vendor & Customer Disputes
        Business Development Law, Mergers/Acquisitions, Founder Business Blueprint For Success


He has developed successful businesses for over 30 years with in-depth experience in manufacturing, wholesale and retail development skills. He is an astute, results-oriented leader with proven success in developing teams and achieving profitability within 90 days of the commencement of the venture.

        Owned & Operated Wholesale/Retail/Manufacturing Businesses since 1975.
        Developed Successful Business Teams
        Sales Training & Business Development for National Manufacturer
        Creator of the "Business Blueprint For Success" 120 business development lesson plans


Mr. Jackson formulates and executes sales strategies, business plans, and marketing programs that are responsive to a rapidly-changing market. His efforts have focused on market expansion campaigns, product launches and account penetration. He has extensive expertise in consultative sales development and presentation of complex programs, products and solutions.

        Written, Designed and Implemented multiple Business Models and Business Plans
        Instructor (Contracts, Business Organizations & Negotiation)
        Designed & Implemented multiple Systemic & Strategic Marketing Plans.
        Worked with National Corporations and Vendors for nationwide expansion.
        National and International Business Contract Development & Negotiation
        Worked with many business owners from around the world...very cool!


Mr. Jackson has a demonstrated history of great insights, sound judgment and effective decision-making abilities with a distinction for managing high-level negotiations among senior management and achieving mutual and workable solutions to complex problems and profitable projects.

        Negotiated multiple Contracts in the United States.
        Negotiated Contracts with Principals in South Africa, United Kingdom.
                        Hong Kong, Beijing, Belgium, Canada and the United Arab Emirates.
        Negotiated Intellectual Property Agreements with national companies

“Shawn Jackson has served as our attorney, providing legal and financial advice both for our personal affairs, as well as for our company. My wife and I have found him to have a vast and deep knowledge of many aspects of the law in a wide range of fields, with a highly developed and keen intelligence and a wonderful sense of humor.” G.T.

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Business Attorneys - Business Transactions - Business Growth

​Business Leases, Business Contracts, Corporations, Limited Liability Companies, Negotiation, Buy-Sell Agreements, Start-Up Businesses, Resolve Business Disputes, Business Development Modules, Business Models, Business Plans, Marketing Plans - Plus more help your business!

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Expanding a Business

Adding New Partners/Shareholders, Operating Agreements, Licenses, Marketing Plans, Developing Additional Locations, Expansion Protocols...


Looking for Business Success Consulting: Business Blueprint For Success


Every Business NEEDS a Business Development Attorney...and we are unique in that we offer over 37 years of business ownership experience...over 27 years of business consulting success...and over 17 years as a business development attorney creating success, peace and prosperity for our clients. You have QUESTIONS...we have the ANSWERS... Email your question HERE.

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Starting a Business

How to Start a Business, Corporations, Limited Liability Companies, Commercial Leases, Business Models, Business Plans, Business Success Training ...


Here is What you do to Achieve Peace, Protection & Success in your Business -  ​3 Steps 

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