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Business Law Attorneys, yes you can have the future you want without the worry of what tomorrow is going to hold for you. The Jackson Law Firm and our Business Development Attorneys are dedicated to helping you achieve all of your future hopes and dreams with professional guidance and experience.

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About Us

The Jackson Law Firm - Business Law has well over 37 years of Business Ownership experience... over 27 years of Business Consulting and... over 17 years of experience as a Business Development Attorney.

Business Owners are operating their businesses in a quickly changing economy ... and we work closely with our clients because we are fully committed to meeting and exceeding all of our clients' expectations. We also believe in keeping our services affordable to our clients, we make sure to work around your budget and your schedule.

We are proud that so many of our clients have repeatedly turned to us for guidance and assistance with their business legal concerns ... and we work hard to earn their loyalty every day. We are here to be of SERVICE to you and your Business.

“Hi Shawn, Thanks for all of your incredibly valuable guidance and advice.  I am completely satisfied with the outcome and have notified all of the appropriate government agencies, creditors and the landlord will receive official notice today, following all of the guidelines that you gave me.  Thanks” [TF]

“I first met Shawn and asked him to review a lease that I was in the process of renewing.  That one quick review saved me not only time, but over a thousand dollars.  Over those years I have consulted Shawn on many different types of concerns relating to my businesses.  He has always been very prompt and attentive to concerns.  Because of his professionalism I have referred him to several of my business contacts and friends.” Larry S

"Shawn Jackson is great!  He is smart, knowledgeable, approachable and effective.  I feel fortunate to have met him.  Shawn has helped me with legal issues in my business and I would not hesitate to work with him again.  He is a wonderful resource! Thank you, Shawn!”  Paula S.

"As a business owner and franchiser there are many legal issues to navigate. Shawn Jackson’s knowledge and negotiation skills have served me and my company at the most professional level. Where most business owners see legal cost as an expense, working with Shawn provides us with consultation that saves or even makes us money." M.M. 

"Shawn Jackson and his team were our start-ups first legal representation and they helped us get through the difficult early stages by offering support and legal advice that has carried with us throughout." Michael D

"Shawn is a beacon of light in times of stress and has been able to bring positive and effective results to situations with a high potential for un-resolvable conflict. My sincerest appreciation goes to him." Dawn D.

Whether it is incorporation, company by-laws, key introductions or important business development strategies, Shawn was there from that start and gave our company a significant advantage to succeed." M.D.

A great attorney is someone who is always looking out for your best interest, no matter how hard the situation may be.  Shawn Jackson is that person.  Shawn always provides a full scope of options, new ideas that I never had even thought of, and of course shares which ones are in my best interest.  D.L.

There is no one else I would like to have working on my behalf than Shawn.  He is a fantastic negotiator and has saved me tens of thousands of dollars.  Hire him now! Dawn L.

“I much appreciate the clear and concise advice in a very straight forward business communication style! Shawn is a fountain of business knowledge that he can couple with his legal expertise to communicate with the business world as well as the public at large.” G.M.

"Shawn is my attorney for 4 businesses including one that is international. He is precise, thorough, and is always looking out for my best interest. His follow through is impeccable and he goes the distance in making sure I understand the legal jargon. If you need someone to get the job done right the first time - contact him immediately. I depend on him fully for all of my legal issues”. D.L.

“He is professional, and very knowledgeable and responsive.  I have worked with Shawn on more than one occasion and I have found him to resolve my legal issues promptly and with an impressive expertise and at a reasonable price.  Shawn is very thorough when it comes to protecting and representing his clients, and when I work with Shawn I am completely confident that I am in the best of hands.  Shawn is the guy you want in your corner!”  T.


“I appreciate your ability to help me quickly clarify legal issues and to guide me toward a negotiated settlement.  You have helped me avoid making decisions that escalate a problem while keeping an eye on the bigger picture of solving problems.  In the end, it is about conflict resolution, not about being right.”  A.H.

“I am so happy to have such a great and accomplished attorney on my side who is a bright and creative thinker and always looking out to protect my interests, and who is also pleasant to know and work with, (that's a really unusual combination)!”  T.F.


“Mr. Shawn Jackson has handled several business and legal matters for me over the past many years.  The results were consistently the best possible.  Not only is he effective and ethical, but also extremely gracious in all of his dealings. He adds harmony to an otherwise often contentious business world and is truly a pleasure to work with.” Dawn D.


“Mr. Jackson worked very hard to get the other person to sign the agreement to pay my money back. I really appreciate his professionalism dealing with the other person's Lawyer, and his knowledge about the case. I would really recommend him to my friends and I will use his office service for my future legal needs.” A.R.

“Shawn, I can’t thank you enough for your time this morning.  It was extremely helpful. I felt armed with confidence entering the tough conversation I had to have with my business partner.  We ended up having a very civil and pleasant conversation and now clearly see the way to resolve our differences.  I highly doubt it would have gone so well without our conversation this morning. Thank you again.” L.L.